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Wings over Washington

(the life and times of animangel in DC)

28 December
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The life that is that of the Little Cheese goes beyond words.
8-bit theatre, alan parsons project, alexandre dumas, angels, anime, art, astrology, astronomy, atmospheric science, ballads, besm, big eyes small mouth, books, cats, cheese, conbust, cosplay, costumes, crossplay, d&d, dancing in the rain, defenestration, dice, dragons, drawing, elves, environment, escaflowne, exploration, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, fencing, fiddle, filk, final fantasy, folklore, fortune-telling, friendship, game music, gankutsuou, garth nix, geology, giant squid, green rider, gundam wing, hanging out with friends, history, hrsfa, humor, japan, japanese, lord of the rings, lotr, lynn flewelling, macross, mages, magic, maine, martial arts, mercedes lackey, meterology, music, mythology, nasa, nature, new england, nightrunner, ninja, northampton, novels, old school video games, original fiction, phantasy star, philosophical discussions/debates, prydain, randomly assorted cool stuff, randomness, reading, revolutionary girl utena, role playing games, role-playing, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, screenwriting, shadow hearts, ships, short stories, skala, smith, smith college, smith phoenix, smithies, sonic the hedgehog, soul caliber, soundtracks, ssffs, star gazing, star wars, swimming, swords, tamora pierce, tekkaman blade, the fae, the ocean, the planet earth, the power of cheese, the sky, the stars, the three musketeers, the turks, tortall, uematsu nobuo, urban fantasy, urban ninja, vericon, video game music, video games, voz_de_soledad as a collectible, walking, weather, writing, writing groups, ziskind, ziskind house