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It's been a while since I posted here. I am doing fine. My proposal / dissertation is moving forward more slowly than I would like (and I have yet to receive any formal comments from my advisor), but I am making progress. I have a third draft of the actual proposal I need to send out very, very soon and I need to make some final selections on my committee....but I also have been too long without making any analytical progress so I've started doing that again.

There's nothing worse than writing something without any real guide or template, without an expert to review it. I'm about at the point I never want to see it again, but I need to finish it and send it to folks to read so I can defend (the proposal, not the thesis!) this summer....

So, stressing about being perpetually behind, but making progress.

I've been remiss in visiting local friends, while my schedule has slowing been coming to equilibrium with seeing BOY! This needs to be fixed, but as said BOY! is amicable to spending time with local friends for gaming and other shenanigans, I may be able to set something up.

Things with BOY! are fantastic. Utterly, completely fantastic. I couldn't ask for better, really. It's hard to believe we've been dating for six months. It feels like no time at all, and at the same time I have a hard time picturing my life without him. Odd, ne?

This weekend was absolutely made of win (sans discovering mold on the tuna sandwich I bought after dropping BOY! off Sunday night....but let's focus on the amazing stuff from this weekend, shall we?)

Friday I drove up to Baltimore to hang out with BOY! (Chris) and some of the other Baltimore crew. Chris and I went out to dinner at the same place we had our first date, then headed over to Craig's house. We played Risk, which I haven't played since grade school. I didn't even come close to winning, but I did manage to keep North America for a while, and there was one glorious moment of "Get out of my continent!" after being thoroughly invaded. ^_^.

Saturday Chris, John and I went mini-golfing. We played all 3 courses at the place near where John's folks live. Each one of us won one of the courses. John won championship, Chris won Monster, and I won Mini. Yeah, I won the kiddie course. :P. The highlight of the day was when I pointed at the anthill hole in the mini course, and said "Hole in one." Then I putted at hole in one. "HaHa! Called it B-ches!"
After mini-golf Chris and I went to the Mouse House to see Lucy, who was in town. We had an amazing dinner prepared by the War Mice and then played Betrayal. In candlelight. Because you know, atmosphere is important. The scenario ended up being one that was broken - basically the bad guys were able to set up a no-win scenario for the good guys. Oh, playtesting. Haven't you heard of that, WoTC? It was still fun though.

Sunday Chris and I went out to brunch at Plato's (we're becoming regulars, I think), then went to see the Avengers.

Chris is a giant comic book fan and especially likes Captain America. I didn't realize Joss Whedon wrote/directed the movie until the credits....despite a conversation taking place over dinner on Saturday about it. I somehow missed that fact. >_<. It was very, very good. Chris got more little in-jokes and subtext than I did, as I'm only remotely familiar with the Avengers (except Iron Man....which is of course the only of the lead-up movies I saw). He was kind enough to fill me in before on the major stuff before the movie started, though. ^_^.

I can honestly say that movie is the one that has had the most reaction out of the audience watching it...that I've ever been to. There were a couple of scenes when there was so much cheering and applause that we couldn't hear the characters on the screen. Something about that made it even better. The action and dialogue were very, very well done. The characterization was also really good considering the size of the ensemble. I wish there were more awesome female characters (And well, I have to blame the non-Xmen Marvel-verse for that more than this movie), but they did a good job with Black Widow.

It was the kind of movie that could do homage, be able to snark at the genre, and still be something that holds together of its own accord (as I can attest, having not seen the other movies).

Okay, and now for a bit of more specific thoughts:

My favorite moment was probably when Loki started monologing at the Hulk and Hulk just picked him up and swung him around like a ragdoll into the floor. Repeatedly. The audience absolutely went wild. (Oh, btw, what he said is 'puny god', for those who missed it).

Also, just about all the moments with Thor interacting with the other Avengers *about* Loki is full of win. Iron Man fight=epic. The "adopted" line is one of my favorites in the movie.

And everything Iron Man does. Everything. (He's definitely my favorite.)

I'm not convinced that Agent Coulson is dead. On one hand, Nick Fury is enough of a manipulator that he would lie and cover up Coulson's recovery if that's what the heroes needed to hear. On the other hand, Joss Whedon isn't afraid to kill off likable characters. On the other, other hand, Joss might be banking off our ability of him to kill a beloved/recurring character to make the death lie more believable. *shrugs*

Also, schwarma.

So, yes. You should go see it if you are even remotely a comic book fan. Seeing it with a big fan only makes it more awesome.
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