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Centennial Sakura Viewing (Sakura 2012)

This weekend was full of win. I spent the first half of Saturday afternoon doing science demos for kiddos in Washington, DC. One was cloud in a bottle...which may be my new favorite demo. It was rainy and cool but worth the trek. (Also, there were far fewer people on the metro than I was expecting.)

Chris came over after I finished with the science fair...hyped up on sugar. (Earlier that day, he decided to challenge our friend Craig's bowl of candy to a duel. I'm still not certain who won.) It was quite the contrast with him bouncing and me having freshly awakened from a nap....^_~.

Chris stayed over Saturday, and in the morning I made us breakfast before we headed into DC to go see what was left of the Cherry Blossoms. As is tradition for the cherry blossom viewing, I styled my hair in some fun way. This year was hair loopies. Chris got it right away. ^_^. (One other person later commented on what I had done, and that makes me happy. There's nothing better than making subtle geeky references and people realizing it. ^_~)

We arrived in DC and waited for 3 members of our party to arrive (two others, having come early were waiting for us at the Jefferson Memorial). Fewer people than invited came (I think maybe half the people on the list I sent out), probably in some part due to the questionable weather. It turned out well, though. The weather was cool and damp when we first arrived, but became progressively better (as I had forecast). Plus, the people who came all get on very well together.

Upon arriving at the tidal basin, it was clear the cherry blossoms were decidedly past prime, but there were a few trees with blossoms still, and the petals on the ground were still very fresh. We walked around and just enjoyed each others' company. I also hugged the cherry tree mascot and got a centennial pin for my efforts. Now I do just want to state for the record, the mascot asks people not to pick the cherry blossoms. It doesn't say anything about eating them.....(And no, it wasn't me doing the munching.)

In a moment of typical playfulness of my part, I threw a handful at Chris' head when I thought he wasn't suspecting. (Of course, he later informed me he suspected I would do just such a thing as soon as he saw the petals on the ground. Ah, at least he puts up well with my shenanigans.) Then I got our friend Craig, whose hair was particularly well suited to keeping the petals trapped once they were in there. Encouraged by my successes, I made it my goal to put cherry blossoms on the head of every member of our party.

I succeeded.

This wasn't the only fun had that photo evidence indicates. Craig had a brand new camera and was taking many, many pictures. I'm sure just a few of them may be slightly incriminating. Also, just a few probably are going to end up on the web. *Shrugs*.

After we walked around the basin, we walked to Clyde's for dinner, and then parted ways. Chris came back home with me and I inflicted a game of badminton upon him partially to work out some energy on my part (I was full of it - no idea why, either). We had a really good time (well, I did - and Chris certainly seemed to) playing, then headed back inside and watched Tropic Thunder. That movie is insane...and apparently Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor. It's a crazy role and he did it well.
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