Animangel (animangel) wrote,

Super Nerdy Weekend of Awesome

I spent this weekend with Chris, and it was one full of win.

On Friday night, we made the Voltron-inspired Blazing Sword Burgers as invented by Jamie Noguchi (anyone who doesn't read his comic, Yellow Peril, should). We decided that we had to go full-geek on these and instead of making gigantic burgers, we would make gigantic sliders (okay, regular-sized burgers) and dye the buns the 5 colors of the Voltron Force. The dye may or may not have been my idea. ^_~. It worked even better because there were 5 of us eating them. By the way, they are delicious. Even our friend who is somewhat picky about his food (or at least commentary) ate them with only positive marks. ( There are pictures on Facebook )

After dinner, we played Chrononauts, which I picked up at Labyrinth Games down in DC. In the game you are time travelers. To win the game, you have to change events to create the timeline where you exist or collect all the items for the mission you are on. Items include live dinosaurs (with names!), 3 different Mona Lisa paintings (the real one, an excellent forgery and an obvious fake), and Videotape of the Creation of the Universe. Changing the timeline has ripple effects, and if you change too much you can in fact destroy the universe as we know it. I believe the game was a success. I do need to figure out which booster includes the Nihilist, though. I thought it came in the original, but I was wrong.

Saturday was DnD, which probably doesn't need much more said. We managed to not have a fight through the entire session due to a combination of fast thinking, spells, and our bard being an excellent diplomat liar.

Sunday I thought I would have to leave early, but the snow that had been threatening tracked south so I spent the day hanging out with Chris. We played a fair amount of Soul Calibur V, including not a little character creation. I made a foot-clan ninja goddess, and we made several Homestuck characters. There is most definitely a Prince of Heart alternate costume for Sigfried, as well as god-tier DAVE and dog-tier JADE original characters. There will be more - JOHN and ROSE are next on the line. (Rose will decidedly have Viola's fighting style; Jade has Z.W.E.I.'s ).

EDIT: There is now a JOHN, too. His fighting style is Xiba's (basically a Kilik clone). No hammer, but "lots of flailing arm movement, and youth rolling". ^_~.
Tags: blazing sword burger, boy, mspa

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